canon : in canon by BIG|BRAVE

Darkenin Heart

BIG|BRAVE prepare to release their anticipated new album A Chaos of Flowers, coming on April 19th, 2024 from Thrill Jockey, and have revealed a new single from it. canon: in canon finds the band collaborating with their labelmate and acclaimed guitarist Marisa Anderson.

The track displays emotive vocals, beautifully distorted guitars with slow arpeggios, and delicate percussion, creating a captivating blend of fragility and empowerment.

For A Chaos Of Flowers, vocalist and guitarist Wattie drew inspiration from the poetry of fellow artists who, like them, have faced sidelining by societal standards, infusing the album with their shared experiences.

“I discovered that most poems from folk traditions or in the public domain seem to be by men – to which I could not quite relate. In my search, I rediscovered some of my favorite works and poets,” says Wattie.

Wattie's incorporation of poetry from diverse artists spanning the globe and representing various facets of womanhood, blended with her own verses, explores the disorientation that alienation fosters in the minds of individuals depreciated by society.

“It is a feeling of relatability and even astonishment really,” Wattie comments, “with how these writers of different standings and eras and all being female-presenting, each expressing these seemingly similar intense moments of individual experiences, of intimacy and madness. We're alone, and yet, not.”


Thrill Jockey Records

Cover art by MB
Video visualizer by BIG|BRAVE

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