Fate by Street Fever

Darkenin Heart

Boise-based mixed-media performer Street Fever has revealed the new single and video, Fate, maintaining their mysterious and unidentified persona. Street Fever has stood out for their distinct blend of hardcore, rap, industrial techno, EBM, noise, electro, pop, and classical music, creating a unique sonic fusion. Despite facing challenges including imprisonment in Thailand, mental health struggles, and overcoming addiction, the artist's resilience continues to shines through, as they deliver works that are notable and affecting on multiple levels.

The latest release, Fate, studies the depths of self-love and the inexplicable connection to a higher power. It explores the constant struggle between longing and being present, expressed through the language of our truest selves. The song adopts a dark and atmospheric tone, while the accompanying video mirrors the experimental and enigmatic qualities inherent in the music.

Street Fever
Video directed by Street Fever

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