You Will Follow Me to Hell (Night on Earth) by Pink Milk

Darkenin Heart

Swedish duo Pink Milk makes a powerful return with the announcement of their third album, Night on Earth, heralding a fresh chapter in their path. Drawing inspiration from science fiction and the theme of 'the end of the world,' the band ventures into uncharted territory with their new work.

In this album, Pink Milk experiment with a more electronic soundscape, blending soulful melodicism, ethereal vocals, and powerful rhythms to create an alluring cosmic atmosphere. While their signature reverberating guitars, resounding drums, and dreamy vocals remain, these elements are transformed into a new world of aesthetic charm.

Their single, You Will Follow Me to Hell (Night on Earth), is a prelude to the album, offering a first taste of expansive soundscapes and an extensive euphoric realm.

Pink Milk

Black Hair Records


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