Fracasse by Renonce

Darkenin Heart

Renonce, a solo project hailing from Montreal, was conceived by Frédéric Nogarède in 2021. The artist's debut album, Ombre, was created through collaboration with Toronto's industrial duo, Odonis Odonis, and saw its release in April 2023. It will be followed by the upcoming release of the new album, Nuisance sonore, coming out on April 12th, 2024, courtesy of Verboden and Negative Gain.

Fracasse is the lead single from the album, offering a dynamic introduction characterized by its hard-hitting waves. The track seamlessly blends elements of experimental industrial, noise, and darkwave, producing an atmosphere both nightmarish and exhilarating.

Renonce adeptly wields noise, darkness, and energy in a harmonious blend that beautifully intertwines all three elements. With harsh vocals cutting through a lush, synth-heavy backdrop, the result is truly engaging.


Negative Gain Productions

Cover artwork by Emmanuelle Charneau

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