Nervous Tendencies by Violetta

Darkenin Heart

Violetta, a new synth-based post punk duo, emerges with their debut single, Nervous Tendencies. Comprising Wyatt Oberholzer and Michael Walsh, the band takes its name from a particular shade of lipstick, reflecting the aesthetic of their music. Their sound leans towards the darker side of new wave and EBM, with a distinct inclination towards darkwave.

Inspired by a diverse array of art forms, including the visually rich films of directors like Nicolas Winding Refn, Darren Aronofsky, and Ari Aster, Violetta's creative reservoir goes deep. Additionally, the influence of Peter Hook's pioneering work with New Order figures prominently in each member's artistic path.

Oberholzer and Walsh, once bandmates in the hardcore punk bands Chemical Fix and Fixation, experienced a notable transformation in their musical preferences over time. Both independently drawn to electronic music, through their new project they converge their artistry to explore a completely new domain.

Wyatt Oberholzer comments on the new single: "The song started as a 20-second loop that I came up with and brought to the band in that raw form. From there, we built upon that idea together in just one night. This was one of the first three songs we wrote for this project, and it didn’t feel right until months later, we decided to speed it up a touch. That led us to simplify the overall structure and completely re-track the vocals, at which point the song finally fell into place."

Nervous Tendencies provides a cathartic release in relation to the complexities of modern life, offering an emotional escape from such pressures. It is an intense song that maintains an infectious danceability, conjuring the atmospheric experience of a night drive through an urban cityscape, enveloped in moody immersion.

Nervous Tendencies is out through the Los Angeles label Dune Altar.




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