In The Basin Of Alkaline Grief by Scarcity

Darkenin Heart

Following the notable release of their album Aveilut, experimental black metal outfit Scarcity is preparing to unveil their sophomore full length, The Promise of Rain, picking up right where the previous album's most intense climaxes left off.

This album embodies the profound truth that burdens become more manageable when shared, a realization Brendon Randall-Myers (conductor of the Glenn Branca Ensemble) extensively explored while creating this record. Randall-Myers and vocalist Doug Moore (Pyrrhon, Weeping Sores, Glorious Depravity, and Seputus) never anticipated being able to perform these songs live, yet, the cathartic experience of sharing something born from isolation with a live audience lies at the core of the severity found in The Promise of Rain.

With an updated lineup featuring Tristan Kasten-Krause (Sigur Ros, Steve Reich, LEYA) on bass, Dylan Dilella (Pyrrhon) on guitar, and Lev Weinstein (Krallice) on drums, Scarcity is poised to deliver their most dynamic and immersive work yet.

The lyrics of The Promise of Rain draw inspiration from Moore's journey to the high deserts of southern Utah in 2023. Reflecting on this experience, Moore notes: “To thrive in the desert is an act of abnegation. You do right by the land and receive its gifts, or it does away with you.” This necessity of adaptation resonates not only in the desert landscape but also within the human experience.

Opening the album with an edgy and melancholic tone, In The Basin Of Alkaline Grief sets the stage for Scarcity's exploration of new experimental territories, producing an otherworldly atmosphere.

The Promise of Rain is set to come out on June 12th, 2024, via The Flenser.


The Flenser

Band photography by Caroline Harrison
Video directed by Derrick Belcham

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