Drive Too Fast by Sculpture Club

Darkenin Heart

Sculpture Club is set to unveil their eponymous album on June 14th, 2024, courtesy of Born Losers Records, with Drive Too Fast as its latest single. It is a remarkable track that emanates deep sentimentality, resonating with genuine and heartfelt emotions.

Chaz Costello's lyrics poignantly depict a realization of being engulfed by music creation, leaving scant space for a balanced existence beyond it. It becomes both an acknowledgment of this disparity and a desire for a more wholesome approach, hinting at the prospect of discovering peace amidst the madness.

The accompanying video provides a peek into Chaz Costello's artistic endeavors, exhibiting dual roles as both a musician and a visual artist.

Sculpture Club

Born Losers Records

Band photography by Kristi

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