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With the release of their lead single Oozer and accompanying music video, Black Market Karma have announced their eleventh studio album, Wobble. Multi-instrumentalist Stanley Belton is the driving force behind BMK's prolific output. From his own live-in Cocoon studio, the artist writes, performs, records, produces, and has so far self-released everything.

Boasting a twelve-track album of 'cassette-ified' lo-fi psych-pop, Wobble draws inspiration from sixties pop, psychedelia, hip-hop breakbeats, and lo-fi electronica. The album will be released on the project's new label, Fuzz Cub, on July 26th, 2024.

“Sonically, I wanted the album to feel like a collection of discarded and worse for wear instruments came to life, refurbished themselves and started to play,” Belton says on the new album. “The sound is an attempt to give form to the often formless feeling that is nostalgia. With songs attempting to crystallise a feeling known as ‘fernweh’. A kind of longing for a place and time you’ve never experienced, be it in this world or another.”

On lead single Oozer, the artist comments: “Oozer is about being malleable and adaptive to life as it’s coming at you. Holding close what you believe to be true while also being open to new information and techniques. Liquid moving around an obstacle instead of going through. It’s also about recycling negative mental states through the pursuit of things you enjoy, and repurposing them as a kind of positive fuel.”

Black Market Karma

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