Other Ways by Immersion & Cubzoa

Darkenin Heart

Immersion are led by Colin Newman and Malka Spigel. The project will release Nanocluster Vol 2 on June 21st, 2024, a new album that consists of into two distinct sections. The first centered on Thor Harris, whose drumming abilities and diverse instrumental contributions were spotted at an appearance together at South By Southwest in 2023. The second disc focuses on Cubzoa (Jack Wolter from Penelope Isles), and the track, Other Ways, is the initial example of the collaboration. Matt Schulz from Holy Fuck plays drums in the entirety of the release.

Initially a one-off pop-up concert, Nanocluster later evolved into an album series. Colin Newman of the acclaimed post punk band Wire and his partner in life and art, Malka Spigel of Minimal Compact, along with a host of special guests. In 1985, Colin got to know Malka through producing her band. That was where the partnership began which developed to a relationship, and they went on to start their own projects, such as the 1994 instrumental electronic duo Immersion and the 2004 band Githead, which are environments in which they both "feel really comfortable."

In 2017, the Nanocluster project started as a series of experimental shows at Rosehill in Brighton. Colin and Malka, along with a roster of well-known musicians, performed songs that they had written and practiced beforehand rather than improvising on the spot.

Malka Spigel describes: "Nanocluster is collaboration but in a very specific form. We don't have rules. It’s a series of creative snapshots. We start with a gig with our collaborators with tracks that we rehearse because this is not a jam and where it stops is an album."

Colin Newman adds: "It’s chemistry & music. Malka & I operate as a team and now we’ve taken it to another level. Malka comes from a band where they would stand in a room together and work out the material. In Wire, I would present the songs, so when Malka and I first started working together, we had to find a third path, and that was the concept behind our collaboration."

Nanocluster Vol. 2 builds on the enveloping sound of its predecessor, Vol. 1, from 2021. This time, the sound appears even more elegant and imaginative, continuing the project's ingenuity.


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