Rot by Taxidermy

Darkenin Heart

Taxidermy is a band hailing from Copenhagen and their sound goes through experimental noise rock and post punk realms. The band's lineup comprises Osvald Reinhold on vocals and guitar, Toke Brejning Frederiksen on guitar, Joachim Lorch-Schierning on bass, and Johan Knutz Haavik on drums. Drawing inspiration from the edgy post punk sounds of the late seventies and eighties, Taxidermy unveil Rot, the first single from their forthcoming EP.

Rot pulsates with fervent energy, oscillating between gritty and rough tones, and minimalist arrangements. It evolves gradually into a dynamic piece rich in atmosphere. The track's unsettling essence lies in its involved structure, creating a sharp and elaborate composition with an eccentric quality.

Lead vocalist Osvald Reinhold characterizes Rot as a track ‘marked by an unrest, a journey through doubt’. His emotionally charged delivery further stresses the song's overall agitation.

Rot is an intense track on many aspects, loaded with atmospheric depth and expansive variation in sound and emotion.


Pink Cotton Candy Records

Cover & video direction by Lasse Vivid Hansen

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