Vileness Slim by Mamaleek

Darkenin Heart

Mamaleek's latest album, Vida Blue, emerges from a backdrop of sorrow and hardship. In 2023, the band faced the heart-wrenching loss of their longtime friend and keyboardist, Eric Livingston. Originally formed as a duo of two brothers, the project had expanded into a five-piece ensemble. However, following Livingston's passing, they found themselves reduced to four members. Undeterred, they pressed forward, showcasing their resilience by performing as a quartet at various festivals.

The forthcoming album is Mamaleek's eighth full length release overall and their third featuring a complete lineup. It draws inspiration from the legacy of Oakland A's baseball legend, Vida Blue, a connection made all the more severe by the announcement of the team's relocation to Las Vegas in the same year.

Vileness Slim serves as a precursor to the unconventional and edgy direction that Mamaleek is exploring in their latest work, fueled by themes of tragedy.

Mamaleek comment: "Time is a slippery fish. Maybe only someone like Vida could grasp it. Although he’s left time behind, his image and that lefty heat remain in the memories of many. Eventually they’ll be forgotten, and hopefully replaced with even more exultant ones. This musical recording is a reflection on loss and its acceptance. We explore several examples for each song, including the loss of pride, of money, of glory, of country, of sanity, of a favorite sports team, of significant others, and, every day, one’s self. It also explores various associated moods–fear, panic, reverence, stoicism, and steadfastness–to arrive at a resolution: Loss is only a test, the glue that holds and erodes each memory, the connection that binds and loosens us all, pitch by pitch, inning by inning. 'This is your celebration.'"


The Flenser


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