Burying the Carnival by Bedless Bones

Darkenin Heart

Bedless Bones, an Estonian project, offers a compelling sound built upon the foundation of post punk and darkwave genres. Their track Burying The Carnival was previously unreleased, and it originates from the time of their 2021 album Bending The Iron Bough.

The song carries a fascinating and seductive darkness, positioning itself among the forefront of today's dark sounds. Its tone is uniquely somber, as it ponders the necessity of change and the potential for regeneration amidst disorder. It highlights the enduring resilience found within the human spirit, prompting introspection.

Sonically, Burying The Carnival stands out for its sharpness and overall vibrant sound which is acute and deeply atmospheric. The vocal stands out over a great production, with every element contributing to a sense of gloom that pervades the track.

Bedless Bones
Artist photography by Ketter Raudmets

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