Darkenin Heart

MINDREADER introduce their first EP, Cope With Me, on May 10th, 2024, preceded by their initial singles, The Kill and Parasite. Their music blends elements of synthpop, new wave, and darkwave, producing an exciting fusion. The band's journey thus far has been notably impressive. In the opening track of their EP, The Kill, MINDREADER delves into the aftermath of a failed romance. The song intricately explores the narrator's complex mix of emotions, including longing, disappointment, and anger. With its blend of gritty textures, rich synth pads, compelling vocals, and driving rhythms, the track exudes an irresistible danceable tone.

Leviathan takes on a more aggressive tone, delivering a hard-hitting impact that builds up to an impressive climax, before gradually subsiding.

Parasite which follows introduces a mysterious ambiance that is incredibly fascinaing. The song juxtaposes its ethereal beginning with a sudden burst of energy, relying on this unexpected shift to create a strong effect. It is a transition that showcases the band's masterful ability to ideally blend different styles while maintaining an exciting quality.

Soft Pull marks a departure from the regular character of the whole EP, emerging as its most experimental-minded track. MINDREADER pushes against conventional darkwave patterns in this track, exploring unconventional sounds, textures, and structures. The song demonstrates the band's tendency to step outside traditional margins. Despite its individualistic nature, Soft Pull retains the enigmatic essence inherent to MINDREADER's music, making it both unique and typical of the band.

Closing the EP is Outsider, a hypnotic industrial song that sparks eccentricity and once again presents the group's out of the box creativity.

MINDREADER makes a bold statement with their debut EP, utilizing every moment to showcase their artistic and mysterious essence. The group's concise and purposeful approach hints at their immense potential, and is thrilling to experience.

Cover by Sabrina Brunone
Band photography by Vincent McGraw

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