Splinter by Whippets

Darkenin Heart

Madison three-piece Whippets specializes in a raw blend of grunge rock, incorporating elements of noise rock and post punk. Its lineup consists of drummer Hart Alan Miller (Tenement, Wartorn, MDC), guitarist/vocalist Bobby Hussy (The Hussy, Wristwatch), and bassist Tyler Spatz (Cave Curse).

Their upcoming self-titled album, set to release on June 7th, 2024, via No Coast Recordings, promises to deliver the group's signature sound. Preceding the album is Splinter, a garage rock track that showcases their heavy, intense style, drawing influences from dark post punk and deathrock. The song is characterized by its sharp, aggressive, and uneasy tone, with psychedelic undertones woven throughout.

The music of Whippets is marked by its experimental take on post punk, featuring a chaotic and noisy edge. Their approach feels deliberate and unique, with the band exuding vibrancy and noticeable energy in their performances.


No Coast

Cover artwork by Robbie Smith

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