Suffering by bloody/bath

Darkenin Heart

Initially spearheaded by singer-songwriter Kailan Price during his mother's illness, bloody/bath has since grown into a five-piece band, displaying remarkable evolution in their most recent offerings. Their new single, Suffering, reflects this progression, demonstrating a blend of inspiration and sentimentality. Transitioning from their origins as lo-fi indie rockers, the band released their debut EP, All Love Unfelt, in 2023, and their trajectory continues along a similarly emotive path, now infused with heavier, more intense emotions.

Suffering emerges as a raw post punk song, merging robust energy with a sense of despair, evident in both its lyrics and overall dark musical undertones. The amplified guitars and emotive vocals work in tandem to convey these sentiments, resulting in a poignant track characterized by its bleakness and underlying anxiety.

Video directed by Tiyana Francesca Pentland & Alex Macchiarelli

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