Uptown by Snowcuffs

Darkenin Heart

Uptown is the new single from Snowcuffs, an emerging band in the shoegaze and dreampop scene. The new track, coming from a new project that includes current and former members of Astrobrite, Lightfoils, and Blue Cove, offers a nostalgic nod to genre classics while infusing a fresh energy into the sound.

The song begins with a jangly haze and builds to a powerful, fuzz-laden culmination. Soaring guitars, dynamic rhythms, and gentle vocals are the key factors of the song's eloquence. Uptown is a perfectly pleasant example of shoegaze, with a tone that is both warm and melancholic. Snowcuffs quickly confirms itself as a significant new act, leveraging the seasoned expertise of its members and the enthusiastic drive of a newly formed band.

Band photography by Jessica Mlinaric

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