Video Premiere: Back to Sleep by Innerouter

Darkenin Heart

Innerouter is a dream-grunge and heavy shoegaze band hailing from Calgary, Canada. Its members have previously played in well-known bands such as 3 Inches of Blood, Tegan and Sara, 36?, and The Wind Whistles. The band's music delves into themes like the edges between reality and the virtual world, the states of wakefulness and sleep, and the feelings of isolation against connection.

Back to Sleep is the first single and music video from Innerouter's debut album, Get Real. The band explains: "Back to Sleep was inspired by a documentary called Wake Up, about a guy who suddenly began to see other dimensions and entities. It ponders the question: would a person lose their sense of self and reality if they could see more dimensions than nobody else could, and is it perhaps better to not see?"

Innerouter emerge, standing out for their intensely stirring performances and vivid, picture-filled concepts, as their shoegaze-influenced sound has a strong emotional component. Back to Sleep creates a fusion which stimulates introspection and existential contemplation by fusing the ordinary with supernatural aspects.
Photography by the band

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