Painkiller by Parallel

Darkenin Heart

The second single from Parallel's most recent album, Flooded, is Painkiller. The song establishes a surreal scene early on, where limitations vanish and reality melds with fantasy. The band creates an ethereal atmosphere which is reminiscent of their earlier releases.

The band's most successful venture into goth-inspired dreampop, Painkiller includes affecting vocals and beautiful instrumentals. It is a song that inspires thoughtful reflection and produces a lovely, engrossing atmosphere.

Painkiller explores queer love and desire, as both a powerful remedy for loneliness and hopelessness and a deep existential fear. The song is about using the dread of loss, change, and death into sex, connection, and pleasure. It explores the idea that pleasure can be trusted to be true, providing a route to security and self-awareness when confronted with uncertainty.


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