Haenim by Jeff Schroeder

Darkenin Heart

Released July 23, 2021 by Jeff Schroeder.

Artwork and layout by Brin.
Video created by Sky Goodman.

| Jeff Schroeder on Spotify

Jeff Schroeder has been mostly known as a member of the Los Angeles shoegaze band The Lassie Foundation, and then for his term in Smashing Pumpkins which he joined in 2006.

Haenim is the artist's debut solo single, a cover of the classic psych-folk song written by Shin Joong Hyun, an influential Korean guitarist.

"What's influenced me more than anything is an internal spiritual journey," Schroeder comments on the song. "You realize at a certain point in your life that you have all these experiences within yourself—all these tastes and likes that I have, and things that I enjoy—and then there's part of you that has to translate that and present it to the world."

Schroeder's version of Haenim points out the artist's range, and his efficiency in psychedelic shoegaze pop.

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