See You Tonite by AJ Lambert

Darkenin Heart

From the forthcoming album Manhattan Beach, Swept By Ocean Breezes, AJ Lambert chooses another unexpected song to cover, and offers her own interpretation on Gene Simmons' See You Tonite.

She comments on her choice to cover the song: “I'm not really a Kiss fan so when I first heard this song from Gene Simmons' solo album I was really surprised to find myself playing it over and over for weeks. It's so simple but so good, and at first you don't notice how creepy the lyrics are so it's this strange mix of tones - we tried to do something like that with our version too. And I got to play drums on it, which is always fun.”

The accompanying video pays tribute to one of Lambert's favorite films. For the video which AJ also directed, she says: “The video is my homage to the opening shot from Francis Ford Copolla's movie The Conversation. We got a room right on the same plaza where they shot that scene in the movie and I had some extremely talented camera wizards (with a VERY long lens) help me get it as close as we could to the original. We even made the credits look as close to the original font as we could get. I love that movie.”

On February 11th, 2022 when the album is being release, Lambert will celebrate with a performance at Zebulon in Los Angeles.

AJ Lambert
Painting on cover by Vanessa McKee
Video directed by AJ Lambert

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