Staff of the Flag by AJ Lambert

Darkenin Heart

AJ Lambert announces new album Dirt Soda coming out in July 2022. The upcoming release comes a little after the artist's Manhattan Beach, Swept By Ocean Breezes, an album of classic and obscure covers, as well as the EP with Bloodslide of which she's been a member.

Staff of the Flag is the first single from Dirt Soda, a storytelling track with plenty of sentimentality.

AJ Lambert describes: “The idea for ‘Staff of the Flag’ came after I'd had to make several trips driving up to Northern California from LA. Along my route you pass the last spot where James Dean stopped on his fateful last drive. It's called Blackwell's Corner and they have made it into a major tourist stop, where you can see a lot of memorabilia and buy things that have his name on them - everything from snacks to trinkets. Then a few more miles up that road is the site where the crash happened, where people leave mementos in tribute to him. Also along that route are several "descansos" (roadside shrines) to other people who died driving on that dangerous road (it used to be called Blood Alley). I found it interesting that so many people know that one person who died there, but so many others have met the same fate and go unrecognized except by the people who loved them. The song is about an imaginary woman who, after selling flowers to tourists on their way to the Dean site all day, takes the leftovers to the nearby site where her own loved one died.”

For the album, AJ put together a band that included Parker Kindred (Joan As Policewoman) and Rhys Hastings (Yves Tumor) on drums, Dave Harrington (Darkside) on guitar, Kenny Gilmore (Julia Holter) on synths, with herself on vocals, Taurus pedal, piano and guitar.

AJ Lambert
Video directed by AJ Lambert

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