Lazy by Soot Sprite

Darkenin Heart

Lazy is the latest single by Soot Sprite, an Exeter-based indie rock/shoegaze group, released ahead of their summer UK tour. It's the follow-up to their 2021 12" EP Poltergeists, which was released on Specialist Subject Records. The song features a good blend of indie rock and dreampop tones, highlighting the band's potential.

Soot Sprite was originally the solo project of singer and guitarist Elise Cook, and during the last few years they have developed to a complete band.

Elise comment on the single: "Lazy is about the exasperation many of us are feeling about our generation being constantly blamed for not being able to thrive in the current climate. We're constantly in the firing line for buying too many coffees or smashed avocado and that's why we're not able to afford our own homes or have any kind of security, instead of the increasing amount of real factors that have piled up."

Soot Sprite

Specialist Subject Records

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