Wrong by Sunnbrella

Darkenin Heart

Wrong, the latest single by UK outfit Sunnbrella, is a vibrant indie rock number, composed by the project's David Zbirka while boarding an airplane after almost missing a flight from London to Prague. The song depicts the uncertainty of transportation as well as the pure enjoyment of flying and exploration, momentarily leaving one area and its varied daily concerns behind for another place with its own experiences.

David Zbirka describes: “It’s one of those songs that sort of wrote itself. I always enjoy those songs the best because they don’t bring back memories of the frustrating and seemingly never-ending process that a lot of other songs have to go through in order to be as good as they need to be. This one sort of fell into place naturally.

“For some reason my core memory of the time is that this song came together running through Stansted Airport to catch a flight to Prague that I was sure I was going to miss but luckily didn’t. The idea of rushing to make a flight that will take me back to a place that I previously left in a state of chaos seems to have informed the lyrics, which I started piecing together on said flight.”

Sunnbrella originated in 2018 as the lo-fi bedroom pop project of Prague-born, London-based David Zbirka, and have since grown into a prominent and praised act, notably sharing the stage with Beck and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Prague's Metronome Festival.


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