Loner by Day Wave

Darkenin Heart

Jackson Phillips' personal project Day Wave presents the newest single Loner from his freshly released new album Pastlife. Day Wave originally became well-known for his lo-fi bedroom production when the project began in the Bay Area in 2015.

Day Wave's latest full-length Pastlife is the act's first in five years, and it explores issues of love, loss, and navigating life in your thirties. With almost all music scenes overrun with excessively produced music, Jackson's talent for simple melodies and fresh production is esteemed more than ever.

On Loner Jackson comments: "This song deals with times where I was struggling with anxiety, and always anticipating the end of a good experience. Sometimes those anxious times can feel very lonely, but the feeling of letting it fade away can be almost euphoric."

Loner, an uncomplicated yet captivating surf pop song, perfectly captures the delicate, lyrical, and dreamy sound of Day Wave.

“I think back to the times where you didn’t realize you were living in this exciting time,” continues Phillips. “At this point, there’s enough of those different chapters that I think back on them, like ‘Oh, when I lived in that apartment, when I was hanging out with those people,’ whatever it is. That became the whole vibe of the album: everyone around me is growing up, and I’m trying to figure out my own way of doing that I guess.”

Day Wave

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Video directed by Nikoli Partiyeli

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