Skretch by Batboner

Darkenin Heart

Norwegian goth rock band, Batboner, are still looking for the ideal balance of melodic hooks and experimentation. The band's sound is influenced by deathrock, gothic rock, and surf rock, but also by experimental hardcore bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan, something that may be difficult for the listener to grasp, but still charming altogether.

The lyrics to Skretch, the band's new song, were written after Floyd, Batboner's vocalist, relocated to the Czech Republic as a gamble. He felt the move was needed in order to recover from a continuing exhaustion. The song began to manifest when he was completely broken and in excruciating pain.

Inspired by an old Norwegian comedy skit mocking the TV show Idol, the title is meant to be pronounced with a clear ɛ sound.


Danse Macabre Records

Artwork by Floyd

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