Let Me Be Away by Unwed Sailor

Darkenin Heart

The upcoming Unwed Sailor album, Mute the Charm, focuses on returning to the core of the band's sound, as was already mentioned. This is further highlighted by the upcoming single Let Me Be Away. The new track from the instrumental group, which draws inspiration from New Order, arrives with an unmistakably melodic push.

On the new album, Unwed Sailor build an intricate perspective using more focused natural methods.

Mute the Charm is simultaneously a tribute to notable locations and eras, a nostalgic look back on interpersonal interactions and the past, a celebration of significant artists and pioneers, and a positive look forward to a less turbulent future.

Spartan Records will release Mute the Charm on February 10th, 2023.

Unwed Sailor

Spartan Records


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