Visions by Saigon Blue Rain

Darkenin Heart

Ophelia Lecomte and Franck Pelliccioli founded Saigon Blue Rain in September 2012. OKO, their fourth album, will be released by Icy Cold Records in January 2023. Saigon Blue Rain are based in Paris, France, and their music incorporates influences including coldwave, ethereal, new wave, and shoegaze, among other sounds.

Visions, the album's second single, deals with the issue of depression and seeks to depict this psychological condition. Johan Comte directed the single's accompanying clip. Musically, the song is deeply fixed in a darkwave standpoint.

This single contains an unreleased track, Eye Feel, which is the result of a collaboration with Dankao.

Saigon Blue Rain

Icy Cold Records

Video directed by Johan Comte

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