Dead and Over by Down The Lees

Darkenin Heart

Down the Lees, originally from Vancouver, BC, began as a solo act and has gone through several phases, with Laura Lee Schultz (Queazy, New Years Resolution, Skinjobs) at its foundation.

The group's first recording in more than three years, Dead and Over perfectly sums up the world's raw anguish and frustration which came with the the times of the pandemic. This is a track that works as an intimate depiction of the challenges faced by older female musicians.

The track was predominantly recorded at Laura's home and Andy Ashley's studio in the Okanagan Valley, depicting the deep emotions of feeling wiped away, unnoticed, and neglected. Laura took online drum lessons from William Goldsmith (Sunny Day Real Estate) to perfect the drum sections, while the music was mixed by Jesse Gander (Brutus, Japandroids, White Lung) of Raincity Recorders and mastered by Blake Bickel (Dynamic Sound).

The conception and recording of this song helped lead Laura Schultz onto an entirely different route, with the inclusion of new band members (Andy Ashley, Chris Carlson).

Down The Lees

Off White House Records


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