Other World by Madeline Goldstein

Darkenin Heart

Madeline Goldstein is the front person of Portland’s renowned and long-running synthpop act Fringe Class, and prepares to release the new four-track EP Other World under their own moniker.

The comforting follow-up to Goldstein's Seed of Doubt, their new work serves as an exploration into the relationship between the artist's synth-based darkwave sound and expansive new wave imagery.

Goldstein describes: "'Other World' is a fever dream of a song lifted from the darkness of my loneliness. It’s about looking at the edge of your own desires but not being able to say what you really want. It’s about not advocating for yourself and the spiral of self-doubt in love and creativity."

Warm vocals and rich instrumentals draw listeners in, and the song's twisting drums, droning synthesizers, and soprano delivery help bring out Goldstein's trademark airiness and danceability.

Goldstein says of the song's creation: "I wanted to create a soundscape that was reminiscent of theatrical ballads from musicals and the most dramatic of 80s love songs. I dreamed of a saxophone to cry for me, as I said, 'I never ask for more' - but the music can do the asking for me. To me, it is currently the song I’m most in touch with, and feel is the closest to me personally."

Other World, the forthcoming EP releases May 11th, 2023 via à La Carte Records.

Madeline Goldstein

à La Carte Records

Photography by Sevin Mundo/Enshrine Productions

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