Heraldry by Rival Cults

Darkenin Heart

Dark gothic rock band Rival Cults bring to life the inspiration that had been residing in the band members' creative thinking for a considerable amount of time. The group announced the release date for their debut album, Indoctrination, which is set for April 21st, 2023. The group has teamed up with eclectic LA record label Dune Altar.

Rival Cults demonstrate that a world of potential can be opened by one's desire to actually conquer the turmoil that can exist in their own subconscious mind. Their new track, Heraldry, is founded on baritone vocals that evoke Sisters of Mercy's more fervent moments and a dynamic gothic rock base which is very enticing in every part.

"Heraldry is about creating-through sacrifice-the ideal self one wishes to become and owning the future through awareness and love. No better motif than the morning star could I find to write a cool rock ‘n’ roll song with," says the band's own, Cole Barrington.

Rival Cults



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