Rat by Nothingheads

Darkenin Heart

London's Nothingheads were founded in 2020 and are known for their distorted grooves that are influenced by post punk, psychedelic rock, and doom. Nothingheads have established themselves as an important fixture in London's DIY live music scene, frequently performing on stages alongside artists like Mclusky, Nuha Ruby Ra, and Japanese Television.

Recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse studios, new single Rat serves as a taster for the band's upcoming EP, Sunlit Uplands, which will be out on June 9th, 2023 via Just Step Sideways Records.

Nothingheads describe the song's accompanying video: "The video explores a character whose reality is conspiracy and paranoia, making frenetic movements at every turn, connecting dots that do not exist but with no idea of how to piece it together."

Rat is an excellent illustration of the dynamism that Nothingheads bring to both their live performances and recordings and is overflowing with punk rock intensity.


Just Step Sideways


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