Cellar by Sea Lemon

Darkenin Heart

Seattle-based artist Natalie Lew, also recognized as Sea Lemon, unveils the latest shoegaze-inspired single, Cellar. The song is complemented by a mesmerizing lyric video which elicits a moody and enchanting atmosphere.

The song possesses a level of wistfulness and features exceptional production, bringing about a poignant ambiance.

Lew comments on the song: "'Cellar' was inspired by my love of really classic horror and thriller films, like Blow Out and Misery, and how loving scary movies can sometimes feel like something is wrong with you. That idea of the 'cellar' in the song is based on the traditional horror trope where the protagonist can't help but discover what's lurking in the basement, and that what they find there often represents something really dark and horrifying. In the lyrics, I say 'the cellar is where I belong' which is me grappling with this idea that sometimes really terrifying imagery interests me the most."

Luminelle Recordings releases the single, as Sea Lemon becomes the newest addition to the label's roster.

Sea Lemon

Luminelle Recordings

Video shot & edited by Natalie Lew and Abe Poultridge

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