On Evil Hour by Ov Pain

Darkenin Heart

Ov Pain, a dark experimental musical collaboration between Renee Barrance (√Član Vital) and Tim Player (Opposite Sex), was established in 2016 in Dunedin/Aotearoa, New Zealand. The second single from their upcoming album is On Evil Hour, a poignant representation of the band's brooding and experimental style.

The new track, accompanied by a mesmerizing visual presentation, delves into the theme of the decline of Western society and humanity's pitfalls in the name of progress. The use of transcendental droning synths creates a melancholic and otherworldly dreamscape, as the band's overall minimalist approach to instrumentation, featuring beautiful experimental sounds, harmoniously blends with sublime vocals. Renee Barrance contributes signature gravid organ-like chords and distinctive vocals, while Tim Player handles the rhythm section, infusing the track with a weightiness through pummeling white noise hits from an assortment of sampled materials.

Scheduled for release on December 8th, 2023, on It Records, the album Reliquary of Dusk is shaping up to be an attractive journey into Ov Pain's unique dark world.

Ov Pain

it Records

Video directed by Ducklingmonster

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