Sentimental by THYMIAN

Darkenin Heart

THYMIAN seamlessly combines elements of eighties new wave and contemporary synthpop in the new single that marks a return for the artist. Exploring recurrent themes like doubt, change, and agitations, THYMIAN employs his music as a form of self-therapy, actively confronting societal flaws. The first release from a series of songs co-produced with Philippe Laffer (Alterna Studios), Sentimental, adheres to classic pop structures and also presents a dark and engaging sound.

Enriching the nostalgic experience, the track showcases a saxophone solo by Ferran Gorrea which brings to mind the vibrant sounds of the eighties.

THYMIAN's resonant baritone vocals gracefully glide above strummed guitars, creating a harmonious blend with delicate synthesizer melodies. The result is a song that manages to strike a balance between being both memorable and imbued with a subtle, moody atmosphere.


Young & Cold Records


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