Sink In Yr Ship by Garage Sale

Darkenin Heart

Australia's Garage Sale have been making waves in the local shoegaze scene, making an impression both through their live performances and their recorded works. They are preparing to introduce their latest EP, Stars Fall 2, mixed and produced by Hamish Mitchel, and featuring the new track Sink In Yr Ship, a slowcore track marked by its dynamic changes.

Garage Sale have opened for prominent acts like Codeine, and keep on solidifying their presence in the live music circuit. The band views their new EP as a sincere reflection of their live performances, carefully capturing the essence of their setlist.

Sink In Yr Ship is a showcase of introspective lyrics akin to a personal diary, accompanied by intricate guitar arrangements and a stark interplay of emotions. The song's perceived journey is enticing as it alternates between gentle excitement and acute dismay.

Garage Sale

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